Wdnsdy Bikes was born from a friendship between two Indonesian cyclists who came to the sport through similar circumstances. Between previous injuries and medical conditions, the bike became an essential outlet for Azrul and John, which quickly turned into an obsession. While they spend most of days rising early to ride the roads of Surabaya - their hometown - they have also grown their passion by traveling to many of the world’s greatest races and most scenic climbs together. The more the two rode, the more bikes they came to collect along the way. Azrul in particular has ridden and tested more world-class bikes then perhaps any other cyclist.

Go Hard on Wdnsdy
The AJ1 is the culmination of these years of riding, collecting, and learning exactly what they want - and don’t want - in their ideal road bike. Made from a combination of advanced materials such as Mitsubishi Rayon M40 and Torayca T1k carbon, the AJ1 truly punches above its weight in ride quality and responsiveness. Sporting a BB386 bottom bracket shell and a newly minted UCI certification, the AJ1 is the rare bike that can actually earn the title of all-rounder.
  46.5 (XS) 50 (S) 53 (M) 56 (L)
A 510 530.1 545 560
B 110 135 144.9 165
C 370 370.6 370 370
D 405 405 410 410
E 964 977.6 984.9 995.7
F 71° 72° 73° 73.5°
G 74.2° 73.8° 73.5° 73.5°
REACH 366.5 377.4 382.9 391.7
STACK 507.2 525.5 547.3 568.2

Bottom bracket type: BB386 (86.5 x 46)



Indonesia Racing
Gun Metal
AASoS Black Gold
Special Edition Azrul Ananda
Dark Side Pink
Black on Black
Wdnsdy AJ62 is crafted to meet the challenge of helping to grow cycling in Indonesia – one of the most populous countries in the world’s that’s just discovering the joys of this sport. The AJ62 is built around three goals: top-level performance, affordability, and size range to match the region’s needs. This bike is built from the same high-end carbon (Torayca T800) as models at a much higher pricepoint, and with the same attention to geometry and ride quality. We achieve affordability by only offering three sizes, which are the most commonly used in the area. By tailoring a frame specifically to just the sizes needed, we are able to operate more efficiently and get more riders out on bikes.
  45 (XXS) 47 (XS) 50 (S)
A 496 515 530
B 110 115 120
C 368 368 368
D 405 405 405
E 962.2 974.4 978.1
REACH 357 372.4 381
STACK 501 512 521.1

Bottom bracket type: BB386 (86.5 x 46)



Giro Pink-Gold
Metallic Blue-Gold
Metallic Green-Gold
Metallic Wine-Gold
Metallic Black-Gold
Black on Black
Glitter White-Pink
Gun Metal

Yes, it’s a road bike.
Yes, it’s an off-road bike.
Yes, it’s an adventure bike.
Yes, it’s a gravel racing bike.
Yes, it’s a bike for every road,
a bike for every JOURNEY.

Features :
- High modulus Torayca T800 carbon
- Dropped chainstay, compatible with 2x or 1x groupset
- Clearance for tires up to 700 x 45c or 650b x 2.1”
- Extra bottle cage bosses on top tube and under down tube
- Three sizes available: 46-48 (XS), 49-51 (S), 52-56 (M-L)

  46-48 (XS) 49-51 (S) 52-56 (M-L)
A 529 550 571.5
B 101 125 150
C 72.5 72.5 72.5
D 69.5 71.1 72.5
E 70 70 70
F 425 425 425
G 1006 1013 1021
H 591 599 606
I 395 395 395
J 50 50 50
K 460 490 520
REACH 366 378 390
STACK 517.5 546.5 575.5

Bottom bracket type: BB386 (86.5 x 46)

Metallic Blue
Metallic Green
Metallic Black


Full carbon clincher rim
Full carbon hub
40 mm profile
Ceramic bearings
Titanium quick release
Full carbon clincher rim
Full carbon hub
60 mm profile
Ceramic bearings
Titanium quick release

Support your local bike shop!

Cycling is a global sport, but driven by local communities. We at Wdnsdy believes that your local bike shop is the most important element in growing the sport. They build your bike, provide the accessories, provide services, and provide the environment to meet other cyclists and socialized.
That is why Wdnsdy will not offer you a full bike. We will only provide the UCI approved frameset for you to take to your favorite local bike shop. You can build the bike they way you want, by the people that you really trust.
Let’s work together to grow the sport of cycling by supporting the local bike shops!

Own your Wdnsdy bike by contacting our consultant.

We will help you specify and decide the best bike for you!



Dealton Finis Kelima ITT Men Elite King Cup Thailand Road Championship
Dealton Nur Arif Prayogo berhasil mengharumkan nama Indonesia di kancah internasional. Pria asal Purwokerto ini berhasil menduduki peringkat kelima balap sepeda kelas ITT kategori Men Elite di King Cup Thailand Road Championship Series 3 2019 di Chantaburi, Thailand, 17 Mei lalu.
Wdnsdy Journey: Gravel Bike untuk Segala Medan dan Tantangan
Wdnsdy Bike, merek sepeda performance Indonesia, merilis produk baru untuk 2019. Bernama Journey, sepeda disc brake ini bisa menjadi opsi all-in-one bagi cyclist yang suka segala medan dan tantangan. Bisa diajak nge-road, bisa dibawa off-road, bisa dijadikan sepeda touring, bisa diajak ke mana saja. Terserah!
Sempat Mabuk Ketinggian, tetap Tampil Habis-Habisan
Selama empat hari, 16-19 Agustus, Azrul Ananda dan John Boemihardjo mengikuti lomba bergengsi Colorado Classic di Amerika Serikat. Melihat langsung bagaimana sebuah tim balap profesional perempuan beroperasi, mengapresiasi kerja keras dan semangat mereka di cabang yang masih sering dipandang sebelah mata. Sepeda mereka, Wdnsdy AJ1, sudah tampil full time di arena balap Amerika.