Wdnsdy Bikes was born from a friendship between two Indonesian cyclists who came to the sport through similar circumstances. Between previous injuries and medical conditions, the bike became an essential outlet for Azrul and John, which quickly turned into an obsession. While they spend most of days rising early to ride the roads of Surabaya - their hometown - they have also grown their passion by traveling to many of the world’s greatest races and most scenic climbs together. The more the two rode, the more bikes they came to collect along the way. Azrul in particular has ridden and tested more world-class bikes then perhaps any other cyclist.


Founder :
Azrul Ananda, John Boemihardjo
John Boemihardjo
Sales :
Octavian Trisna Wijaya
Production :
M. Shochiful A.(Manager)

Mechanic and Assembly :
Moh Dedy Kristianto (Manager)
Abdul Majid
General Affairs
Sri Indah Puspawati
David Yonathan

Wdnsdy Bike also works with design and engineering consultants in USA, Taiwan, and China